Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

This week in reading I felt a bit challenged, and I hope you were too. I believe, this is where the rubber will meet the road. Do you REALLY want to become the woman God wants you to be? Will you be willing to do what the average woman wouldn't so your life will transform before your eyes? At this juncture, only those that are committed, diligent and willing to sacrifice will receive great revelation and intimacy with God, in turn seeing major transformation in your life.

In this week's video , I share a testimony about giving, my experience using the "Daily Page"  and challenge us to GIVE AWAY ALL WE CAN.

Please start cleaning out your closets, car and cabinets then box up your items. We are identifying an agency where, as a ministry we can donate and bless someone. What are you willing to live without to bless someone else?

I'm peaking into the future and you look much better than you do now!!!

God's Best,

Lady Jenn