Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 4: Strengthening Your Body

Hello to all my strong armed, lacking nothing in value, and culinary queens!!!

Here we are at day 25!!! Psychologist say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, and this truly is holding true for me. Following my morning and evening routines have made my days less stressful and more purposefully. I wake up looking forward to my very special TAG, it has taken our relationship to another level. This week's video I am encouraging the following:

-Be intentional about you becoming the woman God wants to you to be. Be intentional about spending time in His word and not just glancing over the passage each day. I highly recommend reading it 4-5 times so it really gets into your spirit and ask God for revelation.

- Adopt at least one idea the author introduces. For me, starting my day with warm water and lemon is something I have adopted. For you it may be getting a prayer partner or starting walking 2-3 days a week. Use part of your lunch break to go on a prayer walk.

-SAVE THE DATE: February 22 @10am 3903 Broadway, Oakland, CA Room 202
I have a special guest Zumba instructor coming and we are going to get it in after our discussion and group activities. Please consider bringing a donation of $10 which will be given to Acts Kings School, an all-boy Christian preschool dedicated to training up the next generation of Kings that will lead our families and communities (Jaylen and Darius go there :).

I pray that as you are being intentional about becoming the woman God wants you to be that issues in life wont fluster you, but push you towards destiny, that you know God in a greater way and your relationship with Him goes to the next level.

To God Be The Glory!!!!

-Lady Jenn

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 3...Let's Get Together

Today marks Day 18 in our journey towards living a Proverbs 31 Life!!! I hope you have found yourselves spending more time with God, being selective in what you do eat, and remaining watchful to what God is saying and doing.

Let's come together this Saturday, January 25 @10-11:45pm 3903 Broadway Oakland, CA 2nd Floor Room 202 for great discussion, interactive activities and encouraging fellowship. We have some amazing women that are a part of this study group and I can't wait until we get together.

Lastly, please celebrate with New Life this weekend as we turn 1!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week Two...Working, Sleeping or Praying?

It has almost been two complete weeks since we've begun this some what unknown journey. I have been pleasantly surprised by every subject and some of them I needed to be exposed in order to become a better woman. So this week, the two things really hit home for me; Day 10 (Devoting Yourself To Prayer) and Day 12 (Be Diligent).

If I had to pick a weapon to represent prayer I would choose a bazooka, for two reasons, because it can literally blow some stuff up and you have to kneel to use it. Prayer is a powerful weapon, that has the ability to alter our lives and those around us. The only thing is...WE HAVE TO USE IT! It is my hope that we all become so comfortable praying that it becomes second nature. When we see destruction, hopelessness or anything contrary to God's word our first reaction should be to invite God into the situation with a prayer. Would if I told you there are some things God has allowed you to witness, because He has trusted you to intervene via prayer. This is how heavenly intervention happens on our behalf. Yes, some prayers take longer than other to be answered, but this is where "praying in faith" comes in. God has always been moved by a person's faith, we come to know Him by faith. I LOVED the quote from the author, "when we work, we work. But when we pray, God works." I don't know about you but I can list three people in my life right now that I have tried my best to encourage to do the right thing with no avail. Rereading that quote has inspired me to continue in prayer for them and watch GOD work.

(What areas do you need to stop working and start praying??) 

Lastly, if you know me, you know I looooooooove my beauty rest. On the same token, I am a night owl, so it hard for me to get up willingly each morning. The entire year of 2013 I told myself "Jennifer, you are going to beat the sun getting up, you are going to spend some QT with the God you proclaim to be so awesome THEN you will start your day." And to tell the whole truth, I think I accomplished that two days out of each week. So when we read Day 12...I knew it was a divine wake up call once again to get myself together in this area. There was not a morning in which I followed the plan and didn't have a productive and stress-free day. Whenever you struggle this  hard in an area as such, I highly recommend you getting an accountability partner. Someone who is going to remind you about the story of the ant, and how you've got too much to loose. So if you do not have one...GET ONE! :) The word of God says it best in Matthew 6:33 as we align ourselves with how God wants things done, there is not a care in the world we would have.

This journey is about God-discovery and learning the adjustments we need to make in life so we can become the Godly women He has created us to be. I am committing daily to maintain a lifestyle of prayer, where all my cares are being cast on the Lord, I patiently listening for His direction and I'm making the necessary adjustments so He is the first one who gets a piece of me each day.

What changes are you adopting? Please share

Continue to be blessed my sisters and I'll see you at our first gathering on Saturday, January 25 @ 10am-noon (location still TBA)

-Lady Jenn

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello you virtuous and noble woman!!

I pray these first few days have allowed you to peak into the future to see that woman God wants you to be. Have you enjoyed waking early or staying up late to spend some quality time with the Lord? It feels so good to be in the word every morning and then praying to Him. I AM worth far more than rubies and so are you! Isn't that awesome to know that is how God sees us?

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see myself at the end of this 90 days. How much scripture I have hidden in my heart, better understanding my worth and value. God is just simply amazing.

So, lets start the conversation:

1. What do you think about God being your "Heavenly Husband"?
2. What has been working for you in terms of scheduling so you can spend that quality time with God?
3. What is your scripture of choice for meditation?

Here is a video on my thoughts and discoveries for the week. Again, my prayer is that this study draws you closer to God and that layers begin to fall off of you and reveal the woman God wants you to be.

God's Best,

Lady Jenn


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are You Ready?

Listen up for what's to come..."A Journey Towards A Proverbs 31 Life"