Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello you virtuous and noble woman!!

I pray these first few days have allowed you to peak into the future to see that woman God wants you to be. Have you enjoyed waking early or staying up late to spend some quality time with the Lord? It feels so good to be in the word every morning and then praying to Him. I AM worth far more than rubies and so are you! Isn't that awesome to know that is how God sees us?

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see myself at the end of this 90 days. How much scripture I have hidden in my heart, better understanding my worth and value. God is just simply amazing.

So, lets start the conversation:

1. What do you think about God being your "Heavenly Husband"?
2. What has been working for you in terms of scheduling so you can spend that quality time with God?
3. What is your scripture of choice for meditation?

Here is a video on my thoughts and discoveries for the week. Again, my prayer is that this study draws you closer to God and that layers begin to fall off of you and reveal the woman God wants you to be.

God's Best,

Lady Jenn



  1. Lady Jen, thank you for selecting this book. I am participating in this group study from Los Angeles, but with your video updates I don't feel like an outsider. I want to speak to the thought of having a "Heavenly Husband." At one point in my life I thought this was a concept used out of context by women who were single and bitter about their relationship status. I had begun to hear women say things like "I don't need a man, God is my husband!" This, to me, was a warped way of thinking. I never want to pretend that I am so righteous that I do not long for the lifetime companionship of an earthly husband. Since first hearing women make sentiments of being God's wife I am far less judgmental of the way in which they chose to describe their relationship with God, but seeing God as my husband is still a touchy subject for me. God is my father, he is my friend, he is a protector, provider, and confidant. Although I typically don't use the term "husband," I understand the need to have an intimate relationship with Him. I just become uneasy when thinking of Him as my spouse.

    1. Tmontgomeryn, WELCOME to our community and thank you for commenting.

      I honestly gave the author and the bible the "side-eye" when I read the word "husband". As stated in the book we can't just glance over scriptures, we have to seek to gain full understanding of the riches in God's Holy word. The bible states in Proverbs 4:7 “The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom; And with all your acquiring, get UNDERSTANDING" So its also important to ask yourself questions. Now the bible isn't just for women, so is the Lord a "husband" to men too? If we were speaking in normal 21st Century English, that might be a problem, but the word "husband" used in this context is the Hebrew word "baal" which translates to mean "to have dominion over; to posses". As believers we come into a submitted position under God's authority. We can't think of this term "husband" like the man who brings flowers on Valentine's Day or rubs our backs after a long hard day...he's not that. The Lord is over covering that watches, gives direction for our lives, provides and protects us and WE ARE HIS POSESSIONS that He takes good care of. After finding the real context to this scripture I am now more confident to say the Lord is my husband :)