Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week Two...Working, Sleeping or Praying?

It has almost been two complete weeks since we've begun this some what unknown journey. I have been pleasantly surprised by every subject and some of them I needed to be exposed in order to become a better woman. So this week, the two things really hit home for me; Day 10 (Devoting Yourself To Prayer) and Day 12 (Be Diligent).

If I had to pick a weapon to represent prayer I would choose a bazooka, for two reasons, because it can literally blow some stuff up and you have to kneel to use it. Prayer is a powerful weapon, that has the ability to alter our lives and those around us. The only thing is...WE HAVE TO USE IT! It is my hope that we all become so comfortable praying that it becomes second nature. When we see destruction, hopelessness or anything contrary to God's word our first reaction should be to invite God into the situation with a prayer. Would if I told you there are some things God has allowed you to witness, because He has trusted you to intervene via prayer. This is how heavenly intervention happens on our behalf. Yes, some prayers take longer than other to be answered, but this is where "praying in faith" comes in. God has always been moved by a person's faith, we come to know Him by faith. I LOVED the quote from the author, "when we work, we work. But when we pray, God works." I don't know about you but I can list three people in my life right now that I have tried my best to encourage to do the right thing with no avail. Rereading that quote has inspired me to continue in prayer for them and watch GOD work.

(What areas do you need to stop working and start praying??) 

Lastly, if you know me, you know I looooooooove my beauty rest. On the same token, I am a night owl, so it hard for me to get up willingly each morning. The entire year of 2013 I told myself "Jennifer, you are going to beat the sun getting up, you are going to spend some QT with the God you proclaim to be so awesome THEN you will start your day." And to tell the whole truth, I think I accomplished that two days out of each week. So when we read Day 12...I knew it was a divine wake up call once again to get myself together in this area. There was not a morning in which I followed the plan and didn't have a productive and stress-free day. Whenever you struggle this  hard in an area as such, I highly recommend you getting an accountability partner. Someone who is going to remind you about the story of the ant, and how you've got too much to loose. So if you do not have one...GET ONE! :) The word of God says it best in Matthew 6:33 as we align ourselves with how God wants things done, there is not a care in the world we would have.

This journey is about God-discovery and learning the adjustments we need to make in life so we can become the Godly women He has created us to be. I am committing daily to maintain a lifestyle of prayer, where all my cares are being cast on the Lord, I patiently listening for His direction and I'm making the necessary adjustments so He is the first one who gets a piece of me each day.

What changes are you adopting? Please share

Continue to be blessed my sisters and I'll see you at our first gathering on Saturday, January 25 @ 10am-noon (location still TBA)

-Lady Jenn


  1. Good Morning Ladies! To answer the questions of what changes I'm adopting so far - I have committed to devoting myself to prayer, being watchful and thankful. This self affirmation had the greatest influence over me during the week and it was brought to my attention just in time - to get over hump day! Having this mindset has helped me to pay more attention to all the blessings from God that I tend to overlook. In addition it helps me to complain LESS and instead, have a conversation with God about what I should be realizing and the direction I should take. so far I've only missed one 6am appointment ( probably should be earlier :) ) with God. I almost missed my TAG time this morning ( didn't set my alarm ) but I woke up @ 6:30 because of a strange nightmare. In the dream my house was being taken over by oversized slugs and ants. The slugs just spilled out of my closet and laid there on the floor, but you know i sprayed them with poison anyways just in case they tried to move! The ants were relentless and would not die or stop no mater what i did. Still I didn't wake up until later during the part of the dream in which I was trying to protect my girls from giant tigers. I was looking to my husband to save us, but i knew he was no match for the two beasts.

    I know this all seems strange but, when I opened the book to read day 12 this morning and saw the scripture of the day begin with : Go to the ant , you sluggard; consider its ways to be wise. Proverbs 6:6 . It frightened and delighted me all at the same time. Delighted me because I knew it was God all along nudging me to get up to spend time with Him! How Ingenious He is ! He made it so evident and clear as to who was waking me up! The fright came in the realization that I it's necessary for me to access the power God has stored in me in order to show up for Him like he has continued to show up for me.
    For years family and friends have always been amazed by my ability to wake up exactly 1 min before my alarm clock. God showed me today that it had nothing to do with me, But it was Him all along. Have a beautiful weekend Ladies and Keep watch for blessings :)

  2. This week was just as great as last week. I have to admit I am not doing the Personal Notebook, but I still reflect on each of the activities and attempt to incorporate them into my life. Interestingly enough, several of the topic areas for the week were laid on my heart the day before the book mentioned them. So, when the book touched on these topics, it was confirmation of what I already knew God was calling me to do.

    I especially loved the discussions on bringing good, not harm; being selective; and working with eager hands. More than ever, I am learning to be very cautious about the people to whom and things to which I give my time. I am also being convicted to change my mindset about each day's work.

    I typically awake before my alarm clock, but I do so many times throughout the night. After praying that the Lord would wake me after I have had the proper amount of sleep, I have sleep through the night and woke up feeling rested. My iPad is the first thing I reach for when I awake (I purchased a digital copy of the book) and thus, I have begun a routine of giving God my first each morning. He is my priority each morning.

  3. This week I said OK...Im going to give this a try and let me tell you. The Lord wakes me each morning and then I smile and say thank you!!! This alone has strengthened my relationship with God. I am placing trust in him to tart my day!