Thursday, March 6, 2014

Don't Stop Now...30 Days To Go!

Hi Ladies,

January 6 was a long time ago. It was the day we embarked on a journey to become the women God wants us to be. As any journey, there are times of mountain peaks and valleys. Those who win in life are the ones that are able to perservere through the pain, take care of business when you do and dont feel like it.

So, here we are at Day 60, with just 30 more to go. Don't give up now, continue with your TAG, discover your hidden potential and begin to deal with the areas that need growth. You are an action step away from greatness, after all that is what God created you for!! Jeremiah 29:11

Next Gathering:
Saturday, March 22 @ 10am
3903 Braodway Room 202 Oakland, CA

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