Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Favor Anyone?

I just had a light bulb moment. You know when 1+1 finally equals 2?

Whether you deem it favor or grace, its one of the highest commodities in Christiandom. So many of us want FAVOR with the Lord. Technically its contingency has nothing to do with our behavior, what we get wrong or right. But here I am scanning through his Holy word and I Peter 2:19-20 shares how we unequivocally can obtain favor from the Lord and its found when we do right, even we we are wronged. Talk about "the big pay back"!

The Lord will repay us for our obedience. When we neglect our flesh to get the last word or letting the other person know how we REALLY feel and simply submitt to authority. As the old adage goes "there is a blessing in your pressing." Pressing through persecution, injustice and pain only to obtain a great gift from our awesome God in the form of FAVOR!

Favor is when we get what we dont deserve and couldn't pay for ourselves. Doesn't that sound like the opposite of what may have just happened to us? Here we are someone dodging us and we refuse to go there with them. In turn we are blesswd with something WE DONT EVEN DESERVE. I dont know about you but I need a dose of favor EVERYDAY!

So when you recieve the call to walk in favor, know its going to cost you something, but the reward is some much greater, something you couldnt do for yourself, its the favor of God.

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