Friday, November 7, 2014

Trusting God's Timing

I will be the first to admit, that on countless occasions I have been guilty of wondering “how long??”, “when!!!??”, “oh for real now??” I find myself questioning God and his sovereignty to be GOD in my life. Trusting God’s timing doesn’t always come with ease, especially when you want things to change NOW! Our prayers sometimes go like this, “Lord, could you please get me this new job now, or take the heart ache away now, or send me to another state for a new start, or for my single ladies, I really would like to get married and begin starting a family yesterday!” Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads like this, “There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven” Reciting, meditating and resting in this promise provides peace and offers a different perspective of which we are presently faced with. Our 20/20 sight can only see so far up the road. God is omniscient and has the ability to see why the death of a loved one had to happen right when it did, why that relationship had to end, and why our dreams haven’t fully developed into the master plan we have envisioned.

These naïve cries are sometimes rooted in the belief that what we are praying for will never happen. The question, “Why isn’t it happening?” can be answered by looking in the mirror and realizing that God is really being patient with YOU! II Peter 3:9 reads, “The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with you…” Did you catch that? God’s delay has nothing to do with His ability to make things happen, but everything to do with you becoming what He needs you to be for the release to happen. Delay does not mean denial. When we find ourselves on the treadmill of life, wishing and hoping, and becoming weary because things are not happening as fast as we would like them to, we have to look in the mirror then get on our knees and ask God to show us:
1.       What we need to work on?

2.       Where we need to make any adjustments, whether it is in our heart or actions?
Sometimes we can accelerate the process through our obedience and do what He’s been prompting us to. You may REALLY want to be a home owner, but lack the discipline to save and spend wisely. You may want a friend or family member to “get it” and start making better decisions, but YOU haven’t been the consistent expression of love and positive example for them.

When you find yourself looking at the clock or calendar, wondering when is the Lord ever going to come through, remember these two simple truth remains, GOD LOVES YOU (John 3:16) and IS INTERESTED IN YOUR SUCCESS (Psalm 35:27). God will not withhold what is due to you, what you need and what will help you fulfill the call on your life. It is our job to seek him, come into agreement with His plan for our life and that includes His timetable for our life as well. Stay encourage, God is interested and vested in your success. When you shine, He shines!

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  1. Thank you Lady Jenn for sharing your wisdom. This post speaks volumes to me. An on time word for my life.