Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 In Review

As we inch closer into 2014, I believe its important to take a look back. Most of us jump to our "new year's resolutions" and begin creating a 2014 bucket list before taking a thoughtful and grateful glance over the blessings in 2013.
When I think about the year 2013, most things unraveled that I never would of imagined; both filled with joy and sorrow.  The few highlights that stick out the most is a full year in ministry!! As a little girl, I never dreamed of being a "Pastor's wife" or sharing the gospel.  It has been very fulfilling and I am humbled that God would choose me as a vessel.
Secondly, witnessing first hand the growth and development of Jaylen and Darius. These two definitely have been a blessing in numerous ways; my prayer life has increased :), I'm mindful of how gracious God is to me in my dealings with them, but most importantly God revealed to me how instrumental and the great level of influence I have over them. More than their father, media or family...God has set that upon ME! This is why I try to be mindful of ever decision, act and habit that is made.
Lastly, I made a dumb financial decision that set us back in our "debt reduction" plan. Operating off my emotions, we joined a "travel club" and still haven't been no where. This taught me the importance of being good stewards over my $$ and not allowing my emotions get wrapped up in a decision that will lead to a bill I hate to pay.
There is much value to gain from pausing for a moment and looking back over the year then noting your accomplishments,  lessons learned, and memories made. Each day on Earth is a gift from God, so an entire year is something we all should be extremely grateful for.  This should give you more fuel to head into 2014 with a greater passion to see God's plan revealed before your eyes.
In all, 2013 has been something like amazing, but the best news of all is
Praying that as you grow closer to the Lord,  He will make your year prosperous.
Happy New Year
-Lady Jenn

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